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01 F450 with 7.3 Issues

Disclaimer: Sorry for the length of this post but I have a bunch of issues and figured I would put it all into one thread instead of making a ton of individual ones.

Ok, so where do I begin? First I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is Marshall and I'm the VP of Ops at a company called CCA Hardscapes. Recently we bought an F450 dump with a 7.3 Powerstroke to cut down on some rental and delivery expenses. But a few weeks later it seems like all of those savings are going right back into the truck to get it back to a reliable and somewhat efficient state.

I'm gonna be completely honest, by the looks of it, I really don't think the truck was well maintained by the previous owner. Unfortunately, I didn't get to look over it before it was purchased so now I'm kind of stuck with it. The crappy thing is, I have worked on a TON of gas powered vehicles and consider myself a fairly mechanically inclined guy so actually working on the truck doesn't bother me. It's understanding the Diesel engine is whats getting me.

Now that being said, I do believe in this powerstroke and when it's running well I love the way it feels so I would really like to get this thing to be somewhat reliable and eventually on a routine maintenance schedule. But in order to do that I'm gonna need a little advice and wisdom from you powerstroke veterans!

Okay, enough background, here are the issues, try to bare with me, there are a lot! I'll try to make this somewhat organized so you guys can respond accordingly.

1. What I have done so far: As soon as I got the truck I did a bunch of research and found common issues with the Powerstrokes and addressed them..

1a. So when we initially got the truck I noticed there was a terrible exhaust leak and the truck didn't have nearly as much power as I thought it should.

1a Solution: replace Up Pipes with International Bellowed pipes, which was a PITA btw, but I got it done...

---Also at this same time, I removed the turbo/pedestal and replaced the Turbo Pedestal O-Rings (4)
---At the time of reinstall, I really wasn't confident with the CAC clamps and couplings but I spent so much time getting them lined up and tightened down that I sort of got fed up with it and let it go (It's a pain getting those things tightened down when they're saturated with oil and slip all over the place, I'm looking into getting some of DieselSites coupling kits btw)
------btw, to remedy this problem in the future I did the CCV mod at this time..

1b. There was a horrible oil leak and the "oil valley" on top of the motor was full with oil.

1b Solution: completely replaced both HPOP lines with brand new Ford Fittings (2 Hpop 2 head)...While I was replacing these I noticed the LH side head connection was DEFINITELY leaking and realized that the lines here did not look factory at all, so I assumed they had been replaced before but not with original parts (The fittings looked totally different than what I bought from the Ford Dealership).

--I was just looking at Diesel O-Rings pdf on installation and noticed that there are springs that go into the HPOP fittings, I can tell you right now that there WERE NOT springs in there when I pulled the fittings from the HPOP...now that has me worried.

1b Question: What is the purpose of those springs and would the PS run fine without them? because after i reinstalled everything it seemed to run fine, start ups were a lot better and power was marginally better

---Unfortunately, replacing these lines was beneficial but there still seems to be a bunch more leaks all over the place too...I thought it was an oil pan gasket or front or rear main seal but based on what I've read there are other places that are more likely than those...

2. Current Issues: I ran about 14 full loads back and forth without any problems after I did all of the work above, but my boss was driving the truck the other day (loaded with 5 Tons) and he noticed the inside rear tire had lost all pressure. As soon as this happened he noticed a considerable decrease in power (he described it almost like the motor had gone into safe mode or something)..I Immediately though, oh ****, one of the CAC pipes blew off...Sure enough, it did, but that lead to a slew of other problems...

2a. after being shut off the motor wouldnt restart, it would just crank over and take a second to build oil pressure but even after that it still wouldnt start up...

2a Solution: a buddy suggested I replace the Crank Pos Sensor so I did and once I did that it started up but was really hard to start (bout 8-10 seconds) it seems like it takes extra long for the Oil Pressure to build (and ultimately fire the injectors right?)...

2b. The Power Steering pump looks like it "shot" fluid up onto the airbox and i definitely see power steering fluid below..also, after getting it to run after replacing the CPS i noticed the Power steering was growling, like it doesnt have any fluid which Im sure is the case..

2b Solution: I am going to buy a new Cap for the reservoir and fill it with more fluid hopefully thats the only place it's leaking

2b Question: There are so many fluids and leaks all over this thing I can't even begin to track down the origin of each one. I really just need some place to start. Would I be okay to spray the entire engine bay down with degreaser and hit it with a pressure washer to try to clean it up somewhat?

It just seems like after i did all that work to it (New up pipes, turbo orings, hpop lines and fittings, Oil Change), it ran GREAT for a little while but then one day a MILLION things happened at once. It almost seems like it all happened as a result of that tire blowing, is that possible? could putting that extra strain on the motor cause all of these things to pop up?? (Power steering leak, Faulty CPS, Hard Start, etc etc.)

again, i appreciate you all bearing with me, I kno there's ALOT of info in this post and I feel I may have gone a little overboard but I am completely overwhelmed with issues and hope you guys can at least make sense of some of this stuff!
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ok, so it seems my original post might have been a little long winded to say the least...I've just got a couple questions that I'm really concerned about right now..A few days ago we shut down the 7.3 and it wouldn't start back up

1. I replaced the CPS and it fired up after some cranking. But now, it's extremely hard to start (20 seconds or so sometimes), it wasn't like this before...could this be GP or GPR? I believe they were fine before I replaced the CPS...

2. When cranking, it seems like it takes a second for the oil pressure to build and ultimately fire the injectors, new HPOP needed? Would like to do the adrenaline pump, it seems like everyone has good things to say about it and we use this truck to haul so we could use the extra power and reliability..

3. When replacing the HPOP lines and fittings, there were no springs inside the HPOP side fittings (I think the lines were replaced with cheaper nonfactory units by the previous owner and the springs weren't reinstalled)...Can not having these springs cause adverse effects such as a faulty HPOP, oil pressure problems or hard starts?

Any info you guys can give me on hard start scenarios AFTER replacing the HPOP lines, Fuel Filter and Cam Position Sensor i would greatly appreciate it..Where do I go from here fellas!?
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I would bet on Glow Plug Relay and HPOP.

I would also trace the wiring harness going TO the injection Pressure Regulator. I had multiple fraying/broken wires in various wires throughout the harness.

HPOP HAS to work, or it WILL NOT RUN...if intermittent or not enough voltage to fully power it, you have problems.

One leak you could have could be the high pressure line for the power steering...fits in the side of the reservoir. Hard to get to, but if you pull off the line from the air filter to the engine you can work the wrench from underneath "fairly easily", if you need to replace it (another of my bets).

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Council, thanks for the reply..I think it is the HPOP, quick question though, what actually powers (spins) the HPOP?? is it electric or is it gear driven? the reason I ask is because when I turn it over cold it wont fire up until the oil pressure builds (makes me think HPOP leak)..I don't think it's the GP or GPR because even after I shut it off after it has warmed up fully it still cranks for ~20 seconds before firing up...

I definitely think the high pressure line to the PS pump is leaking along with a loose cap...I am thinking I will go ahead and replace the pump, high and low pressure lines but I am a little unsure as to how many hoses I need to buy (1) high pressure ("pump to hydroboost") and (2) return ("gear to cooler" and "cooler to reservoir")? also I am looking at this pump on rock auto, any good? A-1 CARDONE Part # 207238F

I started a new thread in the 99-03 7.3 Motor Problems Forum (seems better suited for this problem) with videos of start up, driving, and start up after warm...here is the link...

7.3 Issues with Videos
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