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simone0414 04-07-2010 05:47 AM

Davco 322 filter head leaking
I have a discussion on the frybrid about this. Looking for as much input on what I can/should do to fix my problem. Anyone else had the same problem with their Davco?

Strange problem with my Davco filter head - Forums

vegginpsd 04-07-2010 03:03 PM

I would replace it with a coolant heated filter.

Never was a fan of 1) pulling fuel through a filter, or 2) Electric heated filters or 3) a filter that was not in the engine bay.

Just my $.02:thumb:

simone0414 04-07-2010 11:35 PM

It is a coolant heated filter. I'm not pulling fuel I'm pushing it.. My fass is located before the Davco. Why does it matter where the filter is??

vegginpsd 04-08-2010 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by simone0414 (Post 1823479)
It is a coolant heated filter. I'm not pulling fuel I'm pushing it.. My fass is located before the Davco. Why does it matter where the filter is??

Man I'm sorry. I have your system confused with another one.....

Filter location is important. Closer to engine=more heat. Under the hood is out of road spray and salt. Cant get encapsulated in ice in the winter under the hood.

simone0414 04-08-2010 03:54 PM

No problem dude. I have to disagree a bit. Heat for the filter is important but I think FPHE location is the most important as it should be as close to the engine as possible. That's where you are making the heat you need to run veg IMO.
I had the same concerns as you but in the end space was the determining factor for me. The Davco is quite big & I could not find a spot in the engine bay where it would fit. I am worried about something hitting it but I think the chances are pretty slim. It is protected quite well where I have it located. Heat is not a problem. I have all my TIH lines insulated, a heater hose wrap around the filter itself & the auxillary coolant pump keeps temps up really well. Your filter really only needs to be warm enough to allow the oil to flow anyway. My FPHE gives me all the heat I need before it goes to the heads. Driving I am getting 180-190F & ideling it only drops to 160F.
On my last conversion( 99 Serria) I jammed as much into the engine bay as possible for those reasons & it worked well but I had hoses all over the engine, LP & filter there as well. Any time I need to work on the engine it was a nightmare. Too much stuff in the way. With my Powerstroke all thats in the engine bay is the FPHE, coolant pump which are both away from the engine. I have the feed & return coolant hoses & the SS braided hose to the heads running across the top of the engine & thats it. To the untrained eye you wouldn't notice any difference.

vegginpsd 04-08-2010 04:05 PM

Good point. I understand well ablout the importance of FPHE. I am current running a 30 in the valley and a 15 behind the battery.

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