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  1. New 7.3L turbo option available!
  2. Infinity Mini Updates and New additions
  3. $75 off all F5, F6, Infinity-Mini and Infinity-DX
  4. New Product Announcement! Infinity Mini now available.
  5. Available Infinity PID's for 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.7L
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  9. BullyDog GT 6.7l support NOW available!
  10. BullyDog GT 6.4l support NOW available!
  11. BullyDog GT 6.0l support NOW available!
  12. BullyDog GT 7.3l support NOW available!
  14. New Injector Sale!
  15. Annual Holiday Season Special going on now thru December 31st. 2014
  16. Got a Question? Just ask and you shall receive!
  17. Back To School Special Package
  18. New firmware available for original Infinity!
  19. DP-Tuner raising the bar once again!
  20. GMS Valve Spring Kits in stock!
  21. Actual Customer Review
  22. No computer or laptop? No Problem!!!
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  24. HUGE NEWS!!! Dynoproven now selling the F6 chip!
  25. DP-Tuner now offering 6.7 tuning!
  26. Now offering Preloaded F5 and F6 chips
  27. P.I.S. Injectors on the site and ready to go!
  28. The wait is over!
  29. Good shop in your neck of the woods?
  30. Clearing up some confusion!
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  33. F6 Smartchip
  34. INFINITY-dx 6.0
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  38. New INFINITY-dx Touch Screen from DP-Tuner
  39. New SCT LivewireTS
  40. Website Now Has Duramax and Cummins Parts
  41. Bell QSSB and HFSB Turbos Available
  42. Im not sure if this is the right place.
  43. Pump Core Retruns
  44. Happy 4th!
  45. Autometer Ford Matched Gauges
  46. Upcoming office closures
  47. big thumbs up to TP tuner
  48. Please welcome Jacob White to DP-Tuner!
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  59. Upcoming GA office closure!
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  80. Office closure announcement!
  81. Jodi, can you read this, im getting CEL
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