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  1. What you didn't lern in HS
  2. Can't write scripts like this
  3. Revealing
  4. Where do you think the plane is?!
  5. Federal Reserve Notes at the BANK
  6. Do you Walk the line?
  7. How many rights can a law break at once?
  8. Verse of the day
  9. Let's talk Politics...
  10. MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  11. My Rant on our beloved Government
  12. New gun laws released today! Thanks Obummer!
  13. Disgusting
  14. NCAA Bans Marine Vet From Playing Football
  15. *** RANT THREAD ON THIEVES!!! ***
  16. Too American?
  17. Ted Nugent for President!
  18. Snowden what are your thoughts?
  19. Gov't Spying on Americans
  20. Global Warming for Dummies
  21. Sigh
  22. Memorial Day
  23. DREAM fraud?
  24. maryland RAIN TAX??? what a joke
  25. Blue Angels season cancelled.
  26. Owebama does NOT have game.
  27. As of today....
  28. F.U. Obama, Congress, Dems and Repubs!!!
  29. To military members. Is this really true??
  30. CSPAN
  31. Diesel Car Owners Won't Like Virginia's Road Tax Plan Either
  32. Desensitizing targets for homeland security
  33. Biden spoke again
  34. Obama wants to be Emperor
  35. LAPD Shooter,Gun Control and Main Stream Media
  36. Paul Harvey
  37. Great Speech!
  38. Talk Radio
  39. MN gun laws!!
  40. Funny True
  41. Gun Rights aint cheap, support the NRA!
  42. Thomas Jefferson quotes
  43. After the Gun Ban.
  44. Oh lol' , Gun Control Celebs dun' goofed!
  45. Gun Control
  46. Socialist!!
  47. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one
  48. Did you vote?
  49. Libertarian candidates
  50. change
  51. Unions respond in time of crisis
  52. Disgrace to our Flag!
  53. Dems at it again
  54. Reagan Warned Us About Obama
  55. Obama is Campaigning on the forum
  56. Madison Rising!!
  57. 923 executive orders in 40 months!!!!
  58. Well the treehuggers can put the whole diesel pollution thing to bed
  59. Wow!!
  60. Obamislam
  61. Tax Payer Cost?????
  62. Latest TSA policy
  63. Democrats: "Lets ban Profits!"
  64. Tolerance at the DNC
  65. President Clinton...
  66. Four More Years?
  67. 16 Trillion
  68. 2008 Campaign same as 2012 Campaign
  69. McNaughton's Obamanation
  70. Quiz time!
  71. Why are governments so short lived? What destroys civilizations?
  72. MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority
  74. Bring them home NOW!
  75. America’s Descent into Poverty ~ Paul Craig Roberts
  76. Report: State Dept. Considers Eliminating US Nuclear Arsenal
  77. Truth or fiction?
  79. Indefinite detention, without charge?
  80. Anyone in the Denver area 8/18/12
  81. More "Repeal the Second Amendment" Collectivist Excrement.
  82. Romney/Ryan!
  83. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution - Antony Sutton
  84. US Army Wargaming Mil Response to Tea Party
  85. American's guaranteed result this November!
  86. Do I have First Amendment Rights????
  87. What has this nation come to?
  88. Now that Penn State has set the precedent...
  89. So, is GhostF250...
  90. DHHS spends 77 million dollars and fails
  91. They
  92. Beach Pic
  93. if you like you guns read this
  94. Wake Up America!!
  95. ANOTHER reason to HATE G**GLE
  96. Milton Friedman on Obamanomics
  97. Allow Med Marijuana For Vets
  98. Obama promotes Brennan to "Assasination Czar"
  99. Teacher goes off on student for "disrespecting" Obama
  100. Occupy's fatal flaw summed up in one simple picture
  101. The House looks to Amend the NDAA
  102. Explaining the left-right paradigm
  103. Police Brutality Epidemic?
  104. How to start a day with a positive outlook
  105. Something to watch and ponder.
  106. Why take God out of everything?
  107. Crying Wolf
  109. Ted Nugent
  110. George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder
  111. A mailman remembers Obama as forieng student
  112. Obama hates losing his reign
  113. Homeland security orders 450 millions rounds of 40 caliber ammo
  114. Obama's Martial law exec. order
  115. Put on your big boy, (and girl) pants, I'm ranting here.
  116. lottery winner on food stamps
  117. Gas Tax in my Economics book
  118. Inside Job Documentary
  119. My facebook posts going to Pres. Obama's page!!!
  120. jobs in North Dakota
  121. Trigger the Vote
  122. The End of America...
  123. SOPA has a new brother. ACTA & TPP
  124. So anyone wanna see the regulatory doc that caused the economic downturn?
  125. Monetary Policy
  126. State of the Union
  127. The SOPA and PIPA have been dropped and cancelled!
  128. Mock Republican Primary
  130. EPA Control
  131. Sorry New York...Bloomgerg Knows best..
  132. New POTUS Incumbent??
  133. NDAA is kinda scary
  134. A long but brilliant economic debate
  135. "Occupy..The Ultimate LOSERS!!"
  136. Ron Paul...
  137. Why Can't Our Troops Get a Welcome Home???
  138. Trump running again
  139. Odumbo hates America..more proof!
  140. Odumbo's wisdom..we should all learn from this
  141. A slap in the face of America
  142. The Green Thing
  143. Saying "Merry Christmas" not allowed??
  144. What is REALLY happening to America?????
  145. Two women share first kiss at US Navy ship's return
  146. When you make a puchase, remember your fellow countrymen
  147. This is seriously disturbing!
  148. Voters guide to Republicans
  149. Doesn't this seem a little fishy?
  150. Where are OUR rights? AS AMERICANS?
  151. After seeing and hearing..Newt & Mitt are OUT!
  152. Stand up for your country and those who support American values!
  153. An intersting read.....
  154. Ironic....or not?
  155. Obama never stops screwing us....
  156. Now, Newt's the next victim
  157. One brainless Idiot always follows another--welcome to today...
  158. How can anyone trust this IDIOT IN CHIEF???
  159. Obama a Socialist.
  160. College Indoctrination
  161. Political youtube comments
  162. Changes to Child Labor Laws, Going to hurt farmers and end 4H
  163. OWS generation explained by Adam Corolla
  164. Nah..Not to worry with Odumbo in charge
  165. Hmm...interesting-talk about desperation...
  166. The OWS youth perspective
  167. Chop Shop found!!!
  168. A history lesson on Social Security
  169. Your first 2011 Christmas E mail......(MUST READ)!!!!!!!!!
  170. The Left and Michael Moore..stupid-town,USA!!
  171. Isn't the word "Teabagger" wrong?-not to the left!
  172. Sleeves Down Marines!
  173. Howard Stern exposes Occupy Wall St morons
  174. Occupy Wall st protesters robbing each other
  175. Wall Street Protesters in Pittsburgh - Issue :)
  176. Iran - Heads-Up Folks!
  177. Tea Party vs Occupy Wall St
  178. this is funny
  179. this angers me
  180. Occupy wall sts demands
  181. Wow senate democrats want a bill to punish China for currency manipulation
  182. Hank Williams Jr. Yanked from MNF
  183. 2012 Who do you support so far?
  184. Ive seen Rocks with more brains than Roseanne Barr
  185. Rush nails it again!!
  186. Fast and furious is getting back-fire
  187. Ron Paul....WTF??
  188. How to fix America?
  189. Discussion on execution.... among other things....
  190. Intersting thought to consider-but wrong!!
  191. Here comes the Left,An Assult on Americans
  192. Interesting stats
  193. Is there an end to the US gov't not having guts???
  194. No End toTaking Responsiblity
  195. Tired of taking it where it hurts?
  196. Back-stabbing an ally
  197. Unbelievable!!
  198. Attack Watch
  199. Just Love When A loser Plan Backfires
  200. Thin-skinned and a back-fire to boot--the watchdog
  201. OK,so what's wrong with colleges???
  202. 2012 POTUS thread
  203. Obama's speech tonight...wow
  204. Nat Geo
  205. Not on my Watch!!!
  206. Unions at it again Part II
  207. Liberal= hypocrit
  208. What is to blame on the DC earthquake?
  209. This is sick!!!!!
  210. obummers 'dream act'
  211. UNION at it again
  213. The Republican and the Democrat
  214. Newt Gingrich BLASTS Chirs
  215. 11th circuit court of appeals Obamacare unconstitutional
  216. WI GOP Holds on!
  217. Should this surprise anyone?
  218. And there it is...
  219. UAW set to take aim at Ford
  220. WH salaries rise!
  221. Military retirement might be changing
  222. Welp the stock market just took a huge dive
  223. Enough is enough!
  224. Another reason our country is broke.
  225. Federal Debt visualized
  226. US Census
  227. I'm proud to say:
  228. how is this allowed?!?!
  229. I love MSNBC
  230. Gov Walkers plan works. WI add 50% of the jobs created in the US last month
  231. Spenditol
  232. Living Medal of Honor award
  233. Does Rahm get it!?
  234. Here's the demtard jackazz I've warned about
  235. Rolling Thunder
  236. God Bless Texas!
  237. WI collective bargaining law working as planned already
  238. Casey Anthony...
  239. Harvard attacks 4th of July Parades!!
  240. Maryland Mandates "Environmental Literacy" as high school graduation requirement
  241. QE1 and QE2 didnt work so Bernake's going for QE3
  242. Ray Stevens Obama budget plan
  243. Hey you TEXANS
  244. NO USA flag for you
  245. So much for electric cars being environmentally friendly
  246. Gov't wasteful Spending
  247. Bernake Clueless
  248. 2nd Amendment lesson
  249. Social Security= Ponzi
  250. Anthony Weiner