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  1. You have GOT to be kidding!
  2. makes no sense.....
  3. Illegal Alien treatment
  4. Hi Taxes to finance Deficit
  5. Something positive....... in CA
  6. not for the weak stomach.
  7. Obama Care
  8. Is it worth their life????
  9. Republicans WON!
  10. Emails
  11. This SOB needs a dirt nap!
  12. Fair and balanced- WH vs FOX
  13. Is this our last chance?
  14. Lord Monckton at MNFMI
  15. A Warning from a Naval Aviator
  16. hussein job poll
  17. hey obama
  18. More Obama Shananigans?
  19. Would It Be
  20. SWEET! CNN say's 650K jobs have been created. 0_o
  21. Video - Generation Kill
  22. a little joke: Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Barrack go to heaven
  23. Just Cool
  24. FBI Busts a Cap in Motor City Radical Muslim Leader
  25. How F'n STUPID are they ?
  26. George Soros' Attacks on the Free Market
  27. Senate hearing kicks off on climate change bill
  28. Fall of the republic???
  29. GB AWI
  30. CNN Drops to Last Place
  31. Obama Has a Sense of Humor
  32. White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress
  33. Citi Abruptly Shutting Down Gas-Linked Credit Cards
  34. The Dems and ACORN
  35. New sticker for older rides
  36. UN to Investigate US Housing
  37. Very Important!
  38. heres a good one
  39. Is America Waking Up?
  40. A little help guys
  41. what are your guys comments on this?
  42. Canuckistan no spin zone..sort of
  43. And here we go
  44. New dem scam to pass Odumbacare
  45. Not so funny joke
  46. Who is the Idiot in this newsclip???
  47. I Love My Country - Cowboy Clyde
  48. CAIR planting spies???
  49. The WH boasts "we control the media"
  50. Conservative Dilemma....
  51. The Pope and Pelosi
  52. Obama Puts Pressure On Fox Network
  53. FF Suspended
  54. No Treats from Obama
  55. Deficit
  56. another uplifting article
  57. Can't fly American flag, part II
  58. great - can't wait
  59. Obama in Texas Tomorrow
  60. Can't fly the Flag
  61. Health Care Pic
  62. Audio from a detroit radio station last week
  63. Take organs from 'helpless patients'
  64. Sheeple are over the line with this one!!!
  65. Al Sharpton again....
  66. Don't ask Don't tell......
  67. Wifes cousin wrote this
  68. The Philippines.....a most amazing group of peoples
  69. Michael Moore Gets Grilled on Hannity
  70. Proof
  71. Big Bird calls out Michelle Obama
  72. Nobel Peace Prize
  73. math?
  74. Impeachment suggested.......
  75. Why can American grows b@77s like these...
  76. More indoctrination in our schools
  77. Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it.
  78. WHAT THE **CK! More schooling for Obama
  79. HB 1388 Passed
  80. Women on Submarines
  81. Must read for Americans
  82. holy hospitality
  83. OH GREAT!!
  84. The beloved Prius ....
  85. What is happening in our schools!?
  86. Conservative/liberal
  87. Letter from Chuck Norris to obama
  88. Bush's Fault Chicago Lost The Olympics
  89. FB Polls
  90. Wow... The ignorance knows no bounds
  91. Angry Mob... watch
  92. The Debt Star
  93. Why read? Just vote!
  94. Hooray A victory against Obummer
  95. Screw Micheal Moore. Heres the truth about canadian health care
  96. ACORN probe in CA
  97. Funny or smart-a$$???
  98. I don't think this was our intention
  100. The ant and the grasshopper
  101. great movie!
  102. Celsius 41.11
  103. MMM..Barack Hussein Obama
  104. Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants
  105. Another obama czar problem
  106. Gun Owners
  107. Facebook
  108. Public health insurance plan goes down
  109. Great letter, MUST READ!
  110. Assassination Poll on FB
  111. Obama App for iPhone
  112. Red Skelton and the Pledge of Allegiance
  113. Iran - Hidden Nuke Plant?
  114. Is this how it begins?
  115. Indoctrinating chilrdren continues
  116. cash for clunkers......for suckers!
  117. Gov't spending video
  118. Ted Nugent
  119. need a little help here
  120. Holy crap, I cant leave SC Soon enough!--Wellford, SC
  121. obama on cbs
  122. US Citizenship Quiz
  123. Westboro baptist church
  124. Election -- Virginia's Next Governor
  125. Never forget...
  126. Obama/ACORN on ABC
  127. Now Odumba and his clowns wanna bailout news papers
  128. ACORN
  129. FINALLY!!! TRUTH about Change
  130. Smartest guy ever or Psychic?
  131. War is Terrorism??!?!???!??!?!?!?!???
  132. I can't believe my wife deals with this everyday.
  133. email i got ...islamic stuff
  134. Michelle Obama
  135. g-20 in my backyard
  136. Mother f-er's in my backyard!!!
  137. I emailed the white house
  138. Pelosi fears violence from protesters
  139. Constitution Day
  140. No Defense Missles
  141. Pelosi Clueless about the new happenings with ACORN
  142. ACORN in CA
  143. The Perfect Solution to Senior Health Care
  144. Pres. Obama agrees with you! Lol!
  145. Kaye Bailey Skipped the ACORN Vote
  146. Obama's coming to my school
  147. Eye-popper: Is Nancy Pelosi in on eligibility cover-up?
  148. Ron Paul was always right!
  149. Hey global warming activists. Its the 34th coolest summer on record ever
  150. Things you wouldn't see on the news
  151. Washington D.C. 9/12/09
  152. Sin Tax on pop.
  153. cool blog for all you survivalists.
  154. Letter written by angry woman in Jersey
  155. George Bush's speech after 9/11
  156. Half Staff - 9/11
  157. Healthcare - fact check
  159. Impressive move by a little ol' state.
  160. "You lie!" obama
  161. Whadya think about Joe Wilson's shout-down?
  162. British commando dies freeing reporter
  163. Presidential speech in school...will you allow your child to watch?
  164. Health Care Petition
  165. A Frightening Photo!
  166. What's In It For The Working Guy?
  167. Disturbed "Deify" lyrics
  168. Global warming?
  169. Anyone heard of these guys!
  170. WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines
  171. No bias in the media?
  172. obama's speech to the nation's schools...
  173. New gun law??
  175. rattle the cage
  176. Good Video, "Do you hope Obama is successful?"
  177. The Socialist In Chief Remembers 9/11.
  178. Indoctrinating your kids!!
  179. I don't care which party you're from
  180. I pledge
  181. Van Jones is a SCARY mofo
  182. Van Jones is a SCARY mofo
  183. Somebody forgot to tell Obama
  184. Tuesday, the 8th of September
  185. Wildlife at a watering hole in Texas
  186. Wow Massechusettes is at it again
  187. The Plan!
  188. Healthcare Vid
  189. I hate stupid friggin talk shows
  190. "this ain't [America] no more"
  191. Cops Taze Pregnant Lady....
  192. Global Warming?
  193. More News of the absurd kind.....
  194. News of the absurd kind..
  195. Actual letter to the Canadian Passport Office
  196. Hold on to your hats.
  197. Fox News
  198. Who Fills Teddys Seat........
  199. This is too much
  200. Another power grab?
  201. He's organzing HIS community
  202. "Revolution over health care reform"
  203. WTF, unbelievable!!!
  204. whats your take on this guys view on healthcare?
  205. I cant believe Libs call this rag news
  206. Two Open Discussion Questions
  207. white people riot???
  208. I thought dems were against having to show picture ID's
  209. Maxine Waters
  210. rush on glenn beck the other day...
  212. 9/12/09 March on Washington
  213. Unbelievalble Video Clip of Who is NOT minding the store! (the Federal Reserve)
  214. Glen Beck this week 8/24 - 8/28
  215. Health-Care Reform: A Better Plan
  216. One finger salute!
  217. Sanford/ SC politics
  218. We arent going to take it any longer.
  219. Marine Vat at Town Hall Meeting
  220. Ted Kennedy died
  221. WE ARE EFFED!!!
  222. Cash for Appliances
  223. Silence the Lambs
  224. Wow Obama would fit in well with Massechusettes lawmakers
  225. "Inhumane CIA tactics spur criminal probe.
  226. Sean Hannity for president???
  227. Michigan members you have a congressman to be proud of
  228. Obama in Montana
  229. Invasive Government
  230. Glen Beck Advertisers
  232. Flickr Sensors photo shop image of presedent to protect his media credibility
  233. Is it too late to vote for the white guy?
  234. Obama "The failure of my healthcare reform plan will be a republican conspiracy"
  235. Let's say I broke into your house
  236. GRRR... the Scot's backbone fell out
  237. Greenpeace leader admits to lying about global warming
  238. Car dealers vs Government!
  239. Best Buy employees get fired for apprehending thieves
  240. Lets say I break into your house -
  241. Ted Nugent on Gun Rights
  242. Bank charges to cash check
  243. Open Carry at an Obama protest
  244. I joined the NRA again.
  245. Hannity was Blocked!!!
  246. More dirt on obungholio.. Birthers gaining ground.
  247. Dirty F-en Politics
  248. 66% of voters under 30 voted Obama
  249. Pelosi Tells "Im a Fan of Disruptors"
  250. Another Govt Healthcare vid