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  1. Obama/Confederate Flag
  2. The head of the CRU admits he falsified data
  3. More bumper stickers
  4. Insight of the Democratic party, 100 years ago
  5. "warmers" done?
  6. New Home Designed to Survive Global Warming
  7. TAXES for Louisiana
  8. Miss Me Yet?
  9. Texas Governors Race
  10. Maghan McCain on "the view"
  11. Can he win?
  12. New Sign
  13. Obama is a Muslim
  14. anyone need a summer job?
  15. John Murtha dead
  16. Look what's on the 2010 tax return. Is this for Real?
  17. Military Memebers: What is a "corpse-man"
  18. pretty good video here. Angela McGlowan
  20. is this true arizona?
  21. is this true arizona?
  22. obama being sued!!
  23. B C E or B C
  24. "Don't Question my Citizenship"
  25. John Wayne
  26. Poor Toyota...they just cant seem to stay OUT of the news lately!
  27. Bank of America in the news!!
  28. obama poised to lose more jobs
  29. Lou Gigliotti for Congress?
  30. government is doing great, boy did i get in the wrong line of work
  31. unemployment worse then reported, no surprise!
  32. take that obama!
  33. pay your taxes!!!!
  34. Backdoor Taxes
  35. Palin wants Rahm fired
  36. If you're going bankrupt.....
  37. Reid= full of s**t
  38. He can't help but bow
  39. Good Day
  40. what the spending freeze looks like!
  41. great visual on the govt. budget
  42. Bagpipes are awesome!
  43. let me see if i got this right
  44. pelosi....................
  45. Rush Limbaugh letter to obama
  46. Doctor's More Dangerous Than Guns?!?!
  47. DOD Spending
  48. for those that like to drink the "kool aid", just go to sams club!
  49. Did you forget he was black?
  50. government kicks a lady while shes down!
  51. Obama will be impeached for lieing
  52. chris matthews...... are you that far right???
  53. Obama-I thought Iíd get some applause on that one
  54. Obama Needs Your Money
  55. I see his lips moving but all I here is BS
  56. State of the union speech
  57. Mike Pence for President?
  58. Help wanted: $24,000 to stop Glenn Beck, 'tea-baggers'
  59. Military Pay
  60. No offense to the Dems but:
  61. Why does Obama suck
  62. a goog read on everyones favorite lady.........
  63. fight back
  64. WWII vet letter to obama
  65. Obama and The Seven Dorks
  66. Obama to put a 3 year ban on some Domestic Spending
  67. The History Of The World
  68. The Marines want this........
  69. Cops find 500 gallons of diesel in manís garage.....old story but read
  70. school bans dictionary........not surprising!
  71. Health Care Van
  72. New cali diesel emmissions laws based on lies
  73. UN and IPCC wrongly linked climate change to natural disasters
  74. Good Videos
  75. Unemployment since 07 mapped out
  76. Scientist admits IPCC used false data to pressure goverments
  77. Follow the money
  78. greenies
  79. My donation to Haiti
  80. Oops more phony climate "science
  81. GOP Launching Tea Party Plan?
  82. R.I.P. Air America Radio
  83. Five Health Care Reform Solutions That Make Sense
  84. Funny song about Obama care
  85. Funny anti government run healthcare PSA
  86. Oops the IPCC screwed up again
  88. hitler finds out scott brown won! lol vid
  89. dems point finger! this should be in humor
  90. Health Care- Facts????????
  91. GOP's Brown wins Mass. Senate seat in epic upset
  92. GOP WINS IN MASS!!!!!
  93. looks like brown might have it!
  94. America Rising an open letter to democrats
  95. Profiling??????
  96. Interesting read
  97. MA: Lead the way!
  98. Shoe Bomber.
  99. great vid on heatlh care
  100. ed schultz: "I'd cheat to win MA election"
  101. Wanna see how long you wait for health care in the UK and Canada here you go
  102. cops pull man over for sign
  103. Dealing w/ the Government
  104. This is good
  105. The $50 Lesson
  106. Tea Parties Working For You
  107. According to NBC the Tea Party movement is all about profit
  108. MA Looking Good For Republicans
  109. Obama admin to outlaw fishing???
  110. Scientists praise ba-crock of crap- Obama for rolling back doomsday clock
  111. Anyone see Odumba's speech this morning?
  112. Barocky Road
  113. Hi America!
  114. What do you make of this?
  115. Couldn't believe this vid...
  116. Sarah Palin takes Fox News commentator job
  117. Should FOX news be our TV source?
  118. The 'democratic revolution' is coming apart
  119. ~ Scary Look At Immigration Trends ~
  120. What are your opinions about the scrambling of jets??
  121. Quote of the Year
  122. Where is Al Gore now?
  123. Oops the Dems had it wrong again
  124. One nation under God
  125. Why i love WVU Econ Dept.
  126. Ben Steinís Remarks on Christmas from CBS Sunday Morning
  127. Obama Trifecta
  128. TexasR.N Look here Sir ! oSLAMMA
  129. AARP..wonder why they endorsed healthcare reform???
  130. NPR spending our tax dollars.......
  131. Obama Nobel Prize Mystery Solved
  132. Felons Voting
  133. My Cat
  134. Uneducated
  135. Darned Global Warming!
  136. good video
  137. FOX FORUM: Is Obama the New Jimmy Carter?
  138. Democrats To Block Any Republican Say In Health Care
  139. hopefully rush is going to be ok!!!
  140. possible Suit over health care bill
  141. We The People
  142. what has this world come to?
  143. Strange lack of comments ...
  144. what whould you guys say to this?
  145. Patriots issue the final warning: Listen washington!
  146. I Hate the Puget Sound
  147. White House Christmas tree ornaments
  148. Senate Bill Clears Final Hurdle, Passage Vote Set for Christmas Eve
  149. New Democratic Party Symbol.
  150. Chairman mao on obama's X'mas tree!
  151. The Storm is Coming
  152. Obama blames Brittany Murphy's death on poor health care...
  153. StimulusWatch 2.0 updated look at where your tax dollars are going
  154. Coming to America??? I hope not
  155. "greenies" pets "DOGS" bad for the environment
  156. Nathan Mybold solution for Climate Change
  157. My Christmas List!
  158. If God hadn't......
  159. Dems did it...
  160. Hahaha way to hide your bias NBC
  161. The Scam
  162. Going to have to get a new TV
  163. Mafia politics= obama WH
  164. Muslim America????
  165. wanted: CEO for government motors
  166. What to do?
  167. Obama says banks need to lend more
  168. ACORN to recieve fed funding
  169. How to NOT win a war!
  170. Must See TV Tonite
  171. Global warming emails
  172. The Colonel of truth!
  173. Another obama poll, vote now
  174. Our Patriotic Christmas
  175. Cash For Kitchens
  176. obama health care email
  177. Obama= full of S**T!!!
  178. It's a friggin Christmas Tree Dammitt!!
  179. EPA says greenhouse gases are harmful to your health
  180. WWII Veteran's Letter to Obama
  181. Welfare Cell Phones
  182. Global warming with snow in Houston!
  183. Reid is a Moron
  184. Climate summit not green
  185. Sen. Boxer-not concerned about the truth
  186. Obama And Islam
  187. Poll on your religion
  188. A must read regarding Climategate and AGW
  189. Damn this Economy
  191. Wake up call...
  192. WW II Battleship sailor tells Obama to shape up or ship out !
  193. Pray for Obama
  194. USAG Eric Holder and DOJ rule for ACORN. Must continue funding them
  195. 5 US surgeons were discussing
  196. Does Obama Have Narcissistic Personality
  197. War on Terror
  198. obama care, tell your politician what YOU think
  199. Healthcare petition
  200. Amen Amen Amen
  201. Balanced Budget my butt
  202. Lou Dobbs... for president???
  203. The British Media
  204. Devout Muslims In Key Homeland Security Posts
  205. Hackers steal emails and data from top global warming research center
  206. Deathcare bill is on the senate floor
  207. Muslim Ramadan Dinner at White House
  208. Another East coast refinery shut down..
  209. Mike Huckabee spot on
  210. Internet Warning
  211. Let me see if I understand all this...
  212. The cow and the ice cream
  213. A failed Presidency is now unavoidable...
  214. Looks like the fed audit might happen
  215. Plan to audit Federal Reservie Revived
  216. Oprah ending her show in 2011
  217. A tough time for future liberals??
  218. Check out these emails
  219. Drive by posting
  221. The senate version of the health care bill
  222. Lindsay graham devastates eric holder
  223. Palin to be on Hannity tonight
  224. Tea partiers brutally beaten!!!
  225. Stickin it to the man
  226. Obama and Recovery.gov is Full of it
  227. Red shirt Fridays
  228. Scary words
  229. Obama's trip to Asia.....
  230. 9/11 terrorists tried in NY?!
  231. Acorn suing congress
  232. Facebook poll
  233. Republican & Democrat Hypocrisy
  234. Political Correctness Kills Americans
  235. A good article about CO2 levels....
  236. Dumbama Admits He's Muslum!!!
  237. If George Bush was an idiot then....
  238. Very disturbing video of Obama admitting and defending Muslim's
  239. The czar list
  240. Good Reading
  241. Article 5 of the US Constitution
  242. Sign
  243. Fire in LA
  244. Another idiot from chicago
  245. Home grown HATE!
  246. Which one is on the terrorist watch list?
  247. PMSLSD (msnbc) news
  248. An interesting article...
  249. 20 years ago today
  250. Hispanic Boycott Of White Businesses In TX Town