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  1. Reason for a fence?
  2. Good Work Obama
  3. Odumazz guilty as charged!
  4. Californians are you ready for your taxes to go up even further?
  5. So this is how obama creates jobs ROFL
  6. Did obama push too far this time?
  7. Obama to send 1200 troops to Border
  8. So how bout that ecanomy
  9. A great quote I read today
  10. Their gonna bailout union pensions now
  11. Obamanomics.
  12. UN wants to tax the internet
  13. Some Obama Info
  14. Proof Obama isnt the only rat in the whitehouse
  15. Pres. Calderon
  16. Obama Sign in Marshall TX
  17. Legal vs. Illegal
  18. Arizona says "Boycott us and well cut off your power"
  19. Obama CAN respect the flag for the National Anthem
  20. Your move Villaraigosa! LOL
  22. Awesome Ad
  23. Charlie Daniels speaks
  24. UCLA Professor wants Mexican Revolution
  25. My Ramble About BS in OUR Country
  26. Anti liberal thread!
  27. $7 a gallon?
  28. Typical Obama admin behavior
  29. Dumbest Idea Ever
  30. check it out.....
  31. Lack of coverage for Nashville Flood??
  32. Check this out......................
  33. "You Cut" Might work
  34. Pleasant thoughts
  35. I have a plan!
  36. Obumer wants your money!
  37. Other states take cue from Arizona's immigration laws
  38. Census worker beats and rapes a woman
  39. Stop kagen confirmation
  40. Don't tell me he's not hiding anything
  41. more tension at the california school over the flags...
  42. New gun law in PHOENIX Arizona
  44. Something just doesnt add up here
  45. Liberals idea of immigration reform
  46. How about a MOSQUE @ GROUND ZERO NYC????
  47. Aftican Lion in Zoo
  48. Let me see if I got this right...
  49. WTF!!!!!!
  50. Five Students Sent Home For Wearing Amercian Flag Shirts...
  51. Hawaii Gov Announces BHO 'birthplace'
  52. FBI told the TSA NOT to call airlines
  53. More Obamacare BS
  54. A letter to the editor
  55. This chit makes my blood boil
  56. Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen speaks.
  57. In state tuition for illegals?
  58. Why Obama won't go to Arizona.
  59. Still think the gov can handle your health care?
  60. I would vote for this guy!!!!!
  61. Another Reason To Love Cali
  62. How could anybody do this?
  63. How Mexico treats illegal aliens
  64. I love this
  65. My State Senator!
  66. Why do you dislike Obama?
  67. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  68. 1000 Days!
  69. GM payed back it's loans
  70. National Guard Deployment In Chicago??
  71. First Boat
  72. Arizona Immigration law
  73. This is going to get interesting....
  74. Big shocker folks Obama lied to you again
  75. My Immigration Reform idea.
  76. Let's just say.
  77. SouthPark Gets threat from Muslim group.
  78. Tell the feds NO to obamacare!
  79. Welcome to the USSA folks
  80. My kind of police !
  81. Immigration reform is next
  82. Muslims won't pay for healthcare.
  83. The Fair Tax
  84. "Un-Schooling"
  85. More security, than guests, LMAO
  86. Good Joke
  87. U.S. Representative think Guam may Tip Over!
  88. Bill Clinton is a fuggin tool
  89. Texas city revives paddling..... Temple,TX
  90. Does anyone else think...
  91. Officer challenges Obama....
  92. No Longer Posting in Here
  93. Thank your military
  94. Didnt Odumbazz say he wasnt raising taxes on the middle class?
  95. Save an American Job logo..an interesting idea!
  96. Obama sells arms to Arabs, but not to Israel
  97. Big Shocker Health care reform does nothing to control costs
  99. Gay Jesus Play in Texas
  100. Maine Commission Moves to Ban Gender Specific Bathrooms, Sports Teams in Schools
  101. Unpopular Position
  102. Sadams Reign on Iraq
  103. If I ever buy a hybrid....(for light duty stuff)
  104. Sheriff to TX border town: "Arm yourselves"
  105. You picked a fine time to lead us Barack
  106. Have we done this poll yet.....
  108. New anti Obama billboard
  109. Mandatory.....
  110. Yep we need this
  111. Coal Miner's Prayer
  112. WV Coal Miners
  113. He Kept All His Promises......Not!
  114. Last coal fired powerplant in Oregon closing down
  115. USPS Money order
  116. You Georgians elected this moron?!
  117. more hope and change for you...
  118. Wow just WOW
  119. White Flag?
  120. Where is Ronald Wilson Reagan
  121. this is just goes to show how retarted people are
  122. Here's your chance!!!!
  123. Looks like DHS is getting what they want...
  124. Walmart to fix the economy?
  125. It must be cold in Hell today, I agree with Obama.
  126. The Evolution of the Liberal
  127. Who are the extremists again????
  128. Socialism VS Capitalism
  129. CNN comments on religion ?
  130. Navy Vets Statement
  131. Another Poll: CCW....
  132. Bamopoly. Everybody plays....
  133. Great Video
  134. Ted Nugent for Prez.
  135. ObamaCARE! here we go! god help us.
  136. The 2010 Census - It cost how much?
  137. wha?
  138. 20 ways obamacare takes your freedoms
  139. Pelosi's closing statement
  140. ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$!! (healthcare)
  141. Glen Beck
  142. Social Security
  143. Health Care Reform
  144. HealthCare Vote
  145. "You must be a Republican"
  146. obama needs to shut up
  147. I wonder if this will ever happen
  148. Need A Revolution
  149. Where is Franklin D Roosevelt
  150. MSNBC and CNN out rated by cartoon network
  151. Letter to Gov. Perry
  152. obama, interviewed by FNC!
  153. Mark Levin...Warns of Lawsuit
  154. Breaking News...Health Care
  155. Hawaii considering law to ignore obama 'birthers'
  156. Walmart/Healthcare
  157. You get your census form yet?
  158. Facebook Dopes
  159. IPCC wrong again
  160. Toyota and company still in "denial"
  161. Not that reid NEEDS help losing...
  162. Banished! City forbids Bible studies in homes
  163. what a shame
  164. Pelosi speaks on Healthcare bill
  165. Government waste at its finest!
  166. I Pledge Allegiance..................
  167. End Of Fishing As We Know It
  168. My Latest Letter to My Congressman
  169. Fairness Doctrine
  170. No one listened!
  171. The European Union is perturbed with Us
  172. More ACORN voter fraud
  173. A fine example of stupid chit done with stimulus money
  174. 9/11-LIE???
  175. thank you oboma
  176. Tired of your Job?
  177. Obama Lip-sincing??
  178. Constitution up for change?
  179. Barack HUSSEIN Obama - Military Increase
  180. Potential changes to Canada's nation anthem
  181. Obama weed poster
  182. The Patch
  183. Former Gitmo detainee said running Afghan battles
  184. Cheap tomatoes
  185. You ever see a guy get waterboarded?
  186. GM Recalls 1.3 Million Cars!
  187. Breaking news from the Olympics
  188. for those that think the econmy is getting better!
  189. Cops & Judges Caught Using Secret Codes On Tickets
  190. Nice job gore! You idiot!
  191. That's a rap, obama the OTP
  192. They sunk their own ship IMHP
  193. Tancredo, a possible presidential candidate???
  194. Un-invited guests
  195. Capital cronyism
  196. Obama blames rising unemployment on the weather
  197. Why I will vote the Democrat ticket
  198. But four years ago, the Dems told us it was evil.
  199. Healthcare petition
  200. Fannie Mae
  201. An interesting video,by about a successful business owner
  202. Online Tax Revolt
  203. Today's Health Care Debate
  204. The Pledge of Allegiance in spanish???
  205. van jones teaching at Princeton!!!!!
  206. This has come up a lot lately.....
  207. Reagan's Take
  208. For All the Truthers
  209. California City to Charge $300 to Call 911
  210. Attn: Unemployed Men
  211. a man drives 1,000 miles a day to and from work. EVERY WEEK
  212. Equality and Inequality under Law
  213. more crap about diversity!
  214. Obama's Proposal
  215. Doesn't mean much now.......
  216. green day and america
  217. Medina Speech
  218. Beck and his Ambush of Medina
  219. Clinton's Coming After Us
  220. Citigroup Warns Customers It May Refuse To Allow Withdrawals
  221. Newsweek...
  222. Bad News for Obama...
  223. i think something bigger is happing with all the dem leaving!
  224. we need another pershing
  225. Feds going too far?
  226. Military rules for Civilians
  227. some possable good news!
  228. 2 good economic videos to watch
  229. pelosi and obama not seeing eye to eye??? could it be???
  230. Declaration of healthcare independence
  231. Its not going to be there long
  232. Support Our Troops banned
  233. does anyone else have obama loving freinds on facebook?
  234. Pink slips FROM obama
  235. Anyone near Osh Kosh WI?
  236. Is this #3 for Biden......
  237. Obama/Confederate Flag
  238. The head of the CRU admits he falsified data
  239. More bumper stickers
  240. Insight of the Democratic party, 100 years ago
  241. "warmers" done?
  242. New Home Designed to Survive Global Warming
  243. TAXES for Louisiana
  244. Miss Me Yet?
  245. Texas Governors Race
  246. Maghan McCain on "the view"
  247. Can he win?
  248. New Sign
  249. Obama is a Muslim
  250. anyone need a summer job?