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  1. A pleasing sign from God...
  2. Obama's Aunt is Interviewed, Anyone Surprised?
  3. Islam Flag Will Fly Over White House
  4. California Welfare Checks Cashed on Cruise Ship
  5. Russ Feingold NFL add
  6. Firefighters Let Home Burn
  7. Glenn Beck's Rally vs. Commies Rally
  8. The Ted Pledge
  9. The EPA calls for EVEN MORE fuel economy standards
  10. And it begins
  11. Congress couldnt pass a budget
  12. Unacceptable!
  13. Gun control works?
  14. Donate to obama's opponent!
  15. A true American hero is an artist?
  16. Best Birthday Card Ever!!!!!!
  17. Seperation of Church and State?
  18. Our Tax Dollars Hard at Work
  19. Years of Math: 1950-2010
  20. One World Governance
  21. Can't do this anywhere else in the world
  22. Speechless
  23. Red Skelton/Pledge of Allegiance.
  24. Progressive Insurance..Liberals
  25. GM Shares to be Sold to Foreign Investors
  26. Umm, you left part out bud...
  27. Colin Powell............
  28. Florida Voters...Please Read!
  29. Remember??
  30. Time for redesigned money?????????????? F NO
  31. Obama is loosing it?????
  32. Karl Rove...Elitist!
  34. Reid again
  35. TX Gov. Race
  36. Nancy Pelosi, The wicked witch
  37. God Save Arizona!!!
  38. Courage
  39. America selling weapons to Saudi Arabia
  40. Threats Against USA if mosque isn't built.
  41. Guess what my wife said!
  42. CONTAGIOUS ..Serious Disease Warning
  43. UN Closed Door meeting. Must Read
  44. NEVER FORGET 9/11/01
  45. Facts of the Koran/Quran
  46. Don't Ask Don't Tell Unconstitional
  47. Red light cameras
  48. Obama Debt
  49. i thought america was free
  50. Dodd wants to control you, in your own home!
  51. Reid isn't responsible
  52. Soros vs. The Tea Party
  53. Really pissed me off
  54. To burn a Koran
  55. A glimmer of hope in DC~
  56. Odumbazz wants another stimulus
  57. Neb. Judge Overturns Flag Multilation= Unacceptable
  58. Massive Tax Hike - Countdown 120 days
  59. Anybody know this guy?
  60. Why the apology?
  61. Iraq War Over???
  62. Mosque Developer???????
  63. RGGI
  64. Tribute to United States Armed Forces
  65. Iraq cost less than Stimulus
  66. State dept condemns Arizona law in UN report
  67. Obama "Its Bush's Fault"
  68. Gingrich statement on GZ mosque
  69. BUSH !
  70. Double the price of ammo
  71. Gov't now has rights to track you
  72. Coach fired for criticizing the Obummer
  73. State Benefits
  74. Teacher to students: Plan terrorist attack
  75. administrators look!!!!
  76. Now this is BS
  77. Try This Vid On For Size
  78. Obama's stimulus costs more than entire war in Iraq
  79. Interesting
  80. Looks like Obama Care is a hit in NJ...LOL
  81. Flavored Tobacco Banned
  82. How's This For One World Governance?
  83. Construction Workers on the Mosque
  84. Wow it took 19 months but Obama didnt blame Bush for once
  85. Bush more popular than Obama
  86. Lying isn't Ok, except
  87. Obama Joke Thread
  88. Lying is ok?
  89. Another Vacation????
  90. Seriously??????
  91. People think Obama is Muslim
  92. BHO awakens the nation
  93. BOOOOOOOOM!!!!
  94. Check This Video Out
  96. To our Military People on here ...
  97. Hey, I know
  98. 15 Economic Statistics
  99. More Local Funnies
  100. 95 Year old Hero!
  101. Commit to Vote.......
  102. Faux Tea Party in Florida
  103. Friends, I need your help
  104. I Want Your Money (trailer)
  105. Housing Vouchers???
  106. 4th grade teacher tears obama a new one!!!
  107. New Bailout
  108. Anybody Home??
  109. Obama Has Balls to visit Texas.
  110. Abortion (Touchy subject I know)
  111. Pulled Over...
  112. WTF Portland charges children licensing fees for lemonade stands
  113. Obama vacations
  114. Your 2011 tax alert!!!
  115. obama's new method of rewarding those who took out loans they couldnt afford
  116. Missouri blocks Obamacare
  117. WTF #456,865,531
  118. My Latest Letter..........
  119. Did you know…
  120. Interesting Read
  121. self employment tax
  122. Why don't stadium guards have German Shepards???
  123. Is it just me or.....
  124. Student Loan BS
  125. Jose Illegal
  126. Wow just Wow
  127. selective services
  128. US district court judge blocks portions of AZ law
  129. Another Flag Dispute
  130. Just too good to not share
  131. Goldman bailout
  132. North Korea is at it again
  133. Biden Fined
  134. Whats that libs the Bush Tax cuts are working
  135. Jobless Benefits
  136. Add to the "list of Best Quotes"
  137. Jesus christ some libs argue just to argue
  138. IMPORTANT Obama Info!!!
  139. Latino-Americans in support of AZ law
  140. Can this guy beat obama?
  141. Extension of Umemployment Benefits
  142. Dont tread on me
  143. BS Removal Kit
  144. Closer to the Edge......Long Read, But Worth It
  145. What has America become?
  146. before you take that medication.....
  147. New billboard sign in Iowa
  148. BP Oil Spill
  149. Immigration Law Question
  150. Geraldo Rivera vs. Black Panthers Leader
  151. Check this guy out
  152. Obamacare: The doctor will see you now
  153. An interesting twist on the AZ law
  154. Muslim Enclaves...Legal in the US
  155. Jimmy Buffet's take on the spill
  156. White people for rent in China
  157. Dear Gov. Perry...............
  158. They fought for you
  159. Cool billboard
  160. anyone got a 401k?
  161. Make Brooklyn Park safe!
  162. She respects, A TERRORIST!
  163. Will it go up for another vote???
  164. There's a communist living in the WH
  165. Homeless man rescues American flag
  166. The NASA/Muslim Thing
  167. Taking care of the Flag
  168. Hey Obama
  169. Why liberals should love the 2nd admendment
  170. US v. AZ
  171. Israeli military dance
  172. American Workforce- 2.2M vs Dumboma - 0!
  173. Reason To Quit The NRA
  175. 4th of July
  176. Red Skeltons Pledge of Allegiance
  177. Ray Stevens vs Obama
  178. Awesome Senior Moment
  179. Martial Law
  180. 11 reasons to vote democrat in november (not)
  181. And here we go. Amnesty for illegals
  182. Chew on this
  183. Biden - (the idiot) - Republicans are like Nazi's
  184. Border Patral vs KKK
  185. Socialism for America
  186. This is what government run health care gets ya
  187. Ann Coulter on Kagan
  188. So about that economic recovery
  189. Republican congressmen not allowed to visit oil spill sites
  190. July 4th
  191. Marine and Republican
  192. I'm pro gun!
  193. more Chinese Import Junk...a "USA" flag
  194. CA city bankrupt. Cause: illegal immigrants
  195. Unpopular Position
  196. American's Don;t Know About The 4th...
  197. Al Gore
  198. Part of the problem
  199. AZ doesn't border Mexico?
  200. How to step off Air Force One with dignity
  201. We're Taking America BACK
  202. My New Truck
  203. i think this is needed for USA lol
  204. Obamas going DOWN for this i hope
  205. Another "racist" cop
  206. Confidence Waning in Obama, U.S. Outlook
  207. The Japanese solution to Climate Change
  208. I think piglosi knows something.....
  209. California EBT cards can be used in casino ATM's
  210. Petraeus chosen to fill McChrystals command
  211. Prison Inmates got millions in homebuyer tax credits
  213. Rolling Thunder 2010
  214. The dems arent going to pass a budget
  215. Federal Judge Blocks Obama's Offshore Drilling Moratorium in Gulf of Mexico
  216. "Dear Mr. President"
  217. Obama to give illegals amnesty by executive order
  218. Westboro Baptist Church, anyone ever heard of them?
  219. Deadfish emanual to leave WH
  220. Californians have you seen your states latest gimmick
  222. I Can't Write...But I Can HANDLE Myself
  223. What Say You, Liberals?????
  225. another health care topic[sorry for the length]
  226. obama in tag team vid?
  227. Something was missing from BHO's Press Conference
  228. Milton Friedman Socialism vs Capitalism
  229. This about sums it up
  230. Important Message From Obama!!!
  231. Have to watch this Vid
  232. Constitution Needs a Warning
  233. Why is this turd allowed to roam free?
  234. Good Riddance!!!!
  235. What would McCain do different!
  236. New Rear Window Graphic!!
  237. BORDER ISSUES......
  238. Whos really comming across the Mexico/US Border
  239. Mexico opens California office to provide ID for Illegals
  240. AZ law that is misunderstood.
  241. Obammy did it again
  242. Still think the gov can run healthcare?
  243. Obama's Census Fiasco
  244. Obama Supporter
  245. Interesting
  246. libs vs cons
  247. Alex Jones….The Obama Deception***
  248. Hey drifter I thought Obama was keeping his campaign promises LOL
  249. Nazi Tourettes?
  250. Worst may economically since 1940