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  1. God Bless Texas!
  2. WI collective bargaining law working as planned already
  3. Casey Anthony...
  4. Harvard attacks 4th of July Parades!!
  5. Maryland Mandates "Environmental Literacy" as high school graduation requirement
  6. QE1 and QE2 didnt work so Bernake's going for QE3
  7. Ray Stevens Obama budget plan
  8. Hey you TEXANS
  9. NO USA flag for you
  10. So much for electric cars being environmentally friendly
  11. Gov't wasteful Spending
  12. Bernake Clueless
  13. 2nd Amendment lesson
  14. Social Security= Ponzi
  15. Anthony Weiner
  16. Keep The Change
  17. Presidents Day
  18. this is not politics but CMT AWARDS WTF
  19. gm ceo wants higher gas prices
  20. Where would you go?
  21. 30% of employers to drop health coverage thanks to odumbocare
  22. Obamanomics adds 56.5 cents to the cost of every gallon of gas
  23. New Florida law requires welfare recipients to be drug tested
  24. One Nation
  25. Odumbass bans drilling for 7 more years
  26. US supreme court upholds AZ law
  27. wish we had REAL leaders like this in the US...
  28. The bowing Barry action figure
  29. Gov't assistance
  30. Obumer the Hypocrite watch
  31. Giuliani's 9/11
  32. POTUS Canditates: What are the ORG Members looking For?
  33. foreign aid
  34. Trump gets Punk'd!
  35. Bin Laden's dead pic look !!!
  36. Osama is dead
  37. Forget about the BC
  38. Phone Call
  39. ODUMBo Birth certificate ?
  40. Anyone watching Bernakes press conference
  41. Westboro Loses
  42. We're in Deep
  43. obama loves America.....
  44. Sheriff Joe
  45. EPA doesnt consider jobs in an economic analysis
  47. Catering even more to Illegals
  48. Keynesian Economics
  49. Patriotic Pictures!!!
  50. 2 Marines killed in friendly fire???
  51. Dear Mr. President
  52. Lets discuss the Federal Budget Negotiations
  53. After two years of Obamas economic policy heres your change
  54. First 2012 Obama campaign ad
  55. libya vs Iraq
  56. The Bill Cosby plan for America
  57. Put me in charge!
  58. Palin vs M. Obama enjoy!
  59. Union Brothel
  60. Top 10 rejected names for Obama's Libya operation
  61. this is not right if u ask me
  62. for all the MARINEs (i am not one but wanted to post this)
  63. 13 illegals pose as U.S Marines!!!
  64. Libya
  65. Federal Judge blocks WI collective bargaining bill
  66. Running out of oil!!
  67. Odumbazz forces Dayton OH to lower passing test scores for Police
  68. WI ends collective bargaining
  69. The Effect of Obama's Energy Policies
  70. Paul Ryan's push for budget cuts
  71. Deaf Smith County TX Farmer is running for President of USA
  72. Fuel Price Boycott
  73. "We now must call for the immediate resignation of Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama)
  74. Hollywierd is getting tired of Obama
  75. Ready?
  76. Funeral protests can continue
  77. Orrin Hatch blasts Obamacare
  78. tort reform
  79. Federal Reserve Scam
  80. Ha
  81. Bill the sign man says it again.
  82. sounds like this bill needs our support
  83. Thank you Rick Fairy...
  84. WI senate to pass photo ID voter bill
  85. Awesome way to deal with illegals
  86. Allen West tells it like it is!
  87. Told you all climate change was a scam
  88. GM says thanks for the bailout SUCKERS
  89. Purple Heart Vet heckled...
  90. Unions have they outlived their usefulness
  91. Checks and balances baby!
  92. why cant this idiot just shut his mouth
  93. Interesesting-Let's all take this knowledge from this one's experience
  94. Political Chat
  96. Need quick entry into Texas Capitol? Just get a gun permit
  97. Donald Trump for POTUS?
  98. Check out your Neighborhood….
  99. Missouri to consider drug testing welfare recipients
  100. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!
  101. You Texans going to take this crap?
  102. Obama in contempt.
  103. Dept. Homeland security/Another scam?
  104. The 'peaceful' protests from the left
  105. Ronald Reagan-We need another just like Him!!!
  106. Attn: Arizona Tax Payers
  107. Another Global Warming Thread
  108. epa smackdown
  109. A holiday in the not-too-distant future
  110. democrats/liberals against obama administration
  111. Obamanomics 101....
  112. So how accurate is this?
  113. "Why Your State Sucks"
  114. Unbelievable-Rahm back on the ballot in Ill.
  115. Next on the Obama agenda. Gun control
  116. Joe Biden has been hanging around Ray LaHood too long
  117. Food for thought
  118. SOTU discussion
  119. Fed officials call gun laws "weak"
  120. Just one Wish
  121. Ethanol Going up to 15%
  122. Corporal Punishment
  123. Liberals Hate the Real Truth
  124. Rush nails the chinese language..
  125. Republican plan to eliminate 2.5T over 10 years
  126. Perfect song to describe my political views
  127. what a surprise
  128. Made in China brings a whole new meaning
  129. Meet Obama
  130. Thank the Lord for common sense and logic
  131. Political cartoon
  132. wow did anyone eles see this about the auto workers?
  133. The Royal Snub
  134. It is a MAGAZINE - not a clip, you idiots!!
  135. Relocate to Mckinney Texas
  136. Should illict drugs be made Legal in the US
  137. Thomas Jefferson--Been there-seen that
  138. Check out what these people are up to.
  139. Congresswoman Readies Gun Control Bill
  140. AZ rep Giffords shot
  141. What is going on in TX??
  142. Pelosi blames Bush
  143. Dr. David Janda on obummercare..... WATCH THIS!!
  144. War Memorial Cross Unconstitutional
  145. EPA Rules Trump Your Rights
  146. Chavez, Clinton chat at Brazil inauguration
  147. gas prices/refinancing/taxes
  148. Constitution ‘Has No Binding Power on Anything’.
  149. Baby Boomers
  150. Happy New Year Wish
  151. More Letters to My Representative
  152. 'Mr Obama WE, the People, Are Still Coming'
  153. Undocumented Drug Dealers
  154. I don't think Obama loves us----
  155. The Gentle Left--or Who?
  156. Remember...
  157. Tyranny at its best
  158. Federal land grab
  159. My idea to fix the country
  160. Net neutrality...
  161. This Should Be Posted in Every School in the USA
  162. They're eating eachother!
  163. Facepalm....polar bears...
  164. Wow Europe you've outdone yourself
  165. Cavuto slams mathews! LMAO
  166. Look what those evil business owners are doing now!
  167. Check it out, they want to spend MORE money!!!!
  168. Mexico says we're the bad guys
  169. NO Label Party
  170. Federal judge rules part of Obamacare unconstitutional
  171. Texas Top 10 Most Wanted
  172. I feel bad for those that have medicare now
  173. funny liberal facebook thread......
  174. House OKs Bill To Help Illegal Immigrants
  175. Tax Compromise: We've Been Had
  176. We the People!
  177. Apparently fossil fuels make you obese
  178. Easy as 1,2,3
  179. Apparently Venus is a model for potential warming on Earth
  180. National Guard in the middle east?
  181. PC gone too far
  182. House Republicans kill global warming committee
  183. And on to the next bailout US is gonna bailout Europe
  184. Is Obama a traitor?
  185. Court rules that an illegal using a fake SSN is not a crime
  186. I think the CBO forgot a 0
  187. Guess they forgot about the recent cooling
  188. More brilliance from Ray LaHood
  189. New one from the progressives
  190. Obama sets aside land for polar bears
  191. Dear Abby
  192. Our Busted Lip in Chief
  193. Airport Security
  194. Prayer for America
  195. Another idiot goes to Washington
  196. Marine run down by moron!
  197. Its not HIS money!
  198. George Soros-Bearded Marxist
  199. Trump 4 Pres in 2012
  200. Freeze Military Pay
  201. Nancy Pelosi Re-elected as house minority leader....
  202. Congress Get Richer
  203. Think he'll get a time-out or what?
  204. 13 Year Old Flag Boy Gets Parade and Apology
  205. British snobs say Palin isn't an outdoorsman
  206. In today's WTF column?
  207. Alvin Greene mulls presidential bid
  208. another obamacare topic
  209. WTF!
  210. Think you have an STD? Theres an app for that
  211. This number of jobs sounds good!
  212. Olberman gets the boot
  213. Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama's India trip
  214. a moment for the history books............
  215. funny politician
  216. Guess it doesn't matter how much unions spent on Dems
  217. GM reaps yet another benefit of the bailout
  218. The "Right" Have the house!
  219. ACORN = Broke! lol!!!
  220. Could this be the end to frivolous lawsuits
  221. 9/11 hijackers
  223. Check out this little gem
  224. Obama going to India
  225. Andrew breitbart shuts down an entire group of Obama supporters
  226. Don't Mess With Texas Politics
  227. A bear tragedy
  228. Remember these things before you vote.
  229. A good read before you vote.
  230. Texas- Police officers fired for being TEA Party members
  231. Fact Check: Tall Tales told by both parties this fall.
  232. GAs Prices
  233. Dem Senator in Standoff with DOD
  234. Who will the GOP send up against Obama?
  235. So wheres that recovery Obama
  236. Homeless man sentenced to house arrest
  237. Racist or Not? You Make The Call
  238. Tell your state senator and representative to fight this!
  239. Reminder Get out and vote
  240. Ref's Penalized for Pink Whistles
  241. Illegals campaigning for WA candidate
  242. Reid Saved the World
  243. Another toyota recall
  244. Oops tax funded college busted stumping for dems
  245. "Dont Ask Don't Tell"
  246. Interesting
  247. THis is just BAD!!!!!!!
  248. Bernake and co have to be the dumbest SOB's on the planet
  249. Merkel says German multicultural society has failed
  250. This Should Be In Every School