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7.3 or 6.7

Considering buying a new truck. I currently own an 02 7.3. Just wanted some opinions on the topic of trading for a new 6.7. I would really love y'all's honest opinions, particularly from those who own a 6.7. To all the bias 7.3 guys I know how you feel, so please tell me why haha! Open to pretty much anything.

2002 F-250 POWERSTROKE 4X4

BANKS 4" Turbo-Back w/ Power Elbow
Converted from 3/4 to 1TON
Napa 6637 DIY Intake
6.0 Trans. Cooler
Dipricol Gauges
Warn Hubs
TW 6 Pos.

And Some Other Boring Stuff

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Stay with the 7.3 because:
No outrageous car payments
Cheaper insurance
No emissions equipment
No worrying about def fluid
Being able to work on it yourself
Strong and dependable
If you do blow a motor your only out $5k instead of $20k
No hpfp to worry about
You don't have to worry about speeding tickets because the 7.3 is slow
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01 f-250, Standard
Rev tech 4" lift,37" military wrangler Mt tires
KC diy 66, Full force 160/100 and custom tunes from PHP
Banks inner cooler and full 4" exhaust, Diy S&B intake
Diy quad feed, Hydra, Isspro boost, pyro, and fuel pressure
3/0 battery cables with military style terminals
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When I was looking for my truck it came down to price. It is a second vehicle for me although its my primary driver. If I would have gotten rid of my car too then I probably would have been gone with a 6.7, probably not brand new but something that still had a warrenty. Since I am new to the diesel world and knew I was going to be getting something that didn't have a warrenty I wanted to get something that I knew would be reliable that also fit in my budget.

I really enjoy my 7.3 but I love the look of the new truck and I love how quiet the new ones are too. I have definitely grown out of the obnoxiously loud trucks.
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I'd like a 6.7 fully optioned out with the platinum, heated and cooled seats, sync, sunroof, power rear window, 19.5's, and every other possible awesome option,

But who am I kidding, I can work on my 01 and 95 with pretty good ease, I get better fuel economy, and I own the titles on both, nobody else, literally paid cash for both of them, and cost less to repair or replace if anything happens
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2000 excursion V10 2wd 230k
2000 Excursion 7.3 4x4 246k
1995 CCLB DRW 324K
2001 CCLB DRW 319K
Dp tuner infinity, exhaust, intake, chipped, tricked, and wrecked

Originally Posted by marine5811
The stock downpipe in an OBS is flat because I'm a ginger.
Originally Posted by alberta 7.3
Finding a decent woman is like shopping for a used truck. You spend most of your time picking through the money pits, wrecks, and basket cases until you find one that you can tolerate
Originally Posted by JJFLASH
Well at least you caught the loose bolts before they cause any damage. Nothing worse than a sloppy hole
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I'd like a 6.7, but I would need to have a retarded amount of disposable income in order to justify something that I can't work on and costs that much
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PIS 230/80's, Van Turbo with EBPV, BD Billet Wheel
Lots of money spent at RiffRaff
Dual SD fuel pumps, in tank mods, CNC Fab bowl retain kit. SDK Tunes. Isspro.
Still pretty slow, just less slow now.
Originally Posted by peixinho View Post
I love finally having my truck back... that 7.3 dog that I was driving was just not cutting it.
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its boils down to your choice and your finances...
do you want a 12 year old truck or a 4 year old or newer super-duty with a warranty...

with the 6.7 you basically just gaining the engine, trans, better-frame/front suspension, and that's about it over the 12 year old superduty that has NO emissions and can still be worked on vs lifting the cab on the 2011+ . the truck itself is basically the same truck as the newer super-duty from the front doors back(firewall changed for the new dash).

the 7.3 is reliable, the 6.7.... questionable, just go look at the 6.7 section, the emissions over fuel the engine during the regen cycle causing the oil to be diluted with diesel and the catastrophic failure seems to be common because of the tight tolerances on the fuel injection system. so there is possibly a good engine under the emissions but if you delete the emissions you void the warrenty and end up with a paperweight if something goes wrong

2002 F250 7.3/JW Tow master 4r100 206k miles
Mods:explorer heater valve, WR GP relay, RiffRAff boots, lariat overhead console, Hydra chip, 6637 mod, 6.0 cooler, AIH delete and isspro2 trans, egt, and boost gauges. 92 gallon aux tank with a total capacity of 130gallons, 1800 mile range , 4" MBRP straight Piped. 2" Warrior shackles
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Don't do it, get it out of your head right now! J/k, really, though I work on all of these all day long, and the bells and whistles are great, but it's just a truck, a 7.3 is more of a truck than any other. You will miss the sound and pure grunt of the 7.3. I will say this, when you give a 7.3 throttle, its just that you get it right away. On any other 6.0, 6.4,6.7 you pretty much ask the computer to give you throttle, the 7.3 yes your asking it also, but has less safety monitors, so you get what you get. Simple is just hard to beat. JMHO, another plus is the 7.3 will always be worth more than any of them, down the road.
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2002 f250 ccsb 4x4, 250/200's,5 inch mbrp,itp boost fooler,regulated return/race fuel system, s&b intake, billet 4r100, swamps idm, lifted 2 inches, leveled, 35inch nittos on 18" s468, mishimoto intercooler, hydra tuning, detroit locker rear, dynomat, not done.........

2006 f350 ccsb 6.0, sct tuner 3015 custom tunes, studded, deleted, exhaust
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If you can afford it and want some newer technology, then go for it.

My biggest thing would be reliability. I would definitely, without question get an extended warranty. I think it's safe to say that for the most part the 6.7 has a pretty good track record however if something did go wrong such as water getting into the fuel system, unexpected turbo failure or dropped valve, the repair would be very costly if the truck was not under warranty. There is a lot more that can go wrong and because any repair like is going to be through the roof costly, having the extended warranty would be a major cushion.

It really all depends what side of the fence you fall on. I like the simple design of the 7.3 and reliability. If something does go wrong, it's most likely going to be simple and not take diagnostics to find the issue and not break the bank either.

This is also just a personal preference thing, but I honestly like the crude nature of the 7.3 and how it gives me the whole diesel experience. I like hearing sound of the engine over the radio, rowing through the gears and smelling the fumes of diesel when I have the windows down at a stop light.

Understandably, if that type of thing isn't important to you, then the newer much more luxurious 6.7 is going to be appealing.
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08/98 CCSB l 7.3 l ZF6 l TW Tuned l Isspro gauges l 99.5 PCM l 6637 w/ K&N Intake Duct l 4" MBRB Straight Pipe w/ Axle Dump l 6" Suspension Lift l 37" Toyo MT's l 17" KMC Strike Rims l ARB Front Bumper l HNC Rear Bumper l Bedliner'd Rockers l Custom Cab Guard l '08 Tailgate l PIAA Fog Lights l Recon Tail Lights l B&W Hitch l Air Shocks l Pioneer Stereo

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I currently have two 7.3's, a 2001 and a 2002.

I agree that simple is good after dealing with a 6.4 HPFP. If the aftermarket companies would come out with a robust HPFP for the 6.4, it would be very tempting.

I am waiting to see how the 2015 6.7 engine improvements pan out. The turbo on the 2011-2012 was scary.

The real issue is price. I can't see spending $40k+ on a truck then deleting it (my personal choice) and worrying about my warranty.

I lived this on my 2009. Here's a scenario that contributed to owning a 7.3: I am out of town in my new truck (DPF is at home deleted/tuned 6.4) and it won't start. Now I was forced to pray that a dealership I did not know, would honor my warranty. I personally would not take that chance again. Just my personal experience.

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My brother has a 2013 6.7. He pays a ****load in payments for his truck. It is plush and has gobs of power, drives nice and has a very refined feeling. If I had a bag of cash sitting around I would probably get one. It does feel cheap in some areas beaucse of the increased use in lighter manufacturing materials (tailgate only wieghs 10 pounds maybe).

My 2003 7.3 is paid for. I can buy a lot of after market goodies for a smidgen of his truck payment and have a well maintained and well built truck that easily does anything I would ask it too.
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2003 F250 7.3L CC XLT SB
AIS Intake
4.5" ICON Lift
Pre-Pump/Coolant/Transmission Filter
PHP Hydra
6.0L Cooler
B&W Turnoverball
Firestone Airbags
Warn Premium Hubs
Cobra 29 LX BT

2002 EX LIMITED 7.3L
Coolant/Transmission Filter
DS Trans Cooler
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