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2001 F-250 4-WD SuperCab 3.73 rear end Automatic tranny.


I just had the tranny rebuilt at 60,000 miles ford motor company and your crappy Mechanical Diode..nuff said.

OK I just ordered a tripple guage set Boost/Pyro/Tanny temp.

I feel my truck has lost some of it's *** since I bought it in 2004 with 22,000 on it feels little laggy on the turbo and not *** much OOOMPH when I punch it to pass people ....idles fine and runs decent just seems like it lacks power or maybe boost pressure ...why I ordered the guages I also feel like I'm getting really crappy fuel mileage like 12-15 mpg I have a sending unit acting goofy reads over-full at fill up and low fuel light with more than 5 gallons in tank so I just go by miles/gallons at fill up for my reading data.

I know getting guages is the first step low boost pressure will tell me if I have a leak or turbo or wastegate issue ...truck is 10 yrs old so something could easily have an issue someplace a sensor or something as well I'm decent with tools ect so I like to do the work myself if I can oh did I also mention I'm broke thanks to the economy lol who aint ....

I would like to iron out the issues I have before I even attempt to do any kind of chipping or mod ...would like to get better mileage and power if thats possible without hurting truck will be paid off this year lol and I already ate a big 2,000 wiener on the tranny rebuild ...did I mention (nasty word replaced) ford motor company lol.

Can you guys give me some points and maybe some on the cheap mods to do after I get the guages installed ?

Any help would be appreciatted greatly I miss my truck running like it used to and my fuel milage being so crappy is a bummer too.

I can't find a decent diesel mech here where I live in cincinnati and the local garages will BS you and play parts mother had a radiator failure in her car ...120.00 for new radiator ....a garage tried to charge her 600.00 for replacement ..if I would have been there the guy would have been cold ****ed on the spot ....luckily she found a raditor shop to do the job for 300 ....the lack of integrity in the auto buissness anymore is sickening ......sorry to rant

Update 4-15-2010

OK-Glowshift Guages installed

Here are my readings as of this AM

Truck is not towing anything but my 200 lbs ***....

Muffler has been deleted



1500 -2000 RPM 40 % pedal depressed accelerating under load

600 degrees EGT

4-6 PSI boost pressure

2000 RPM 70 % pedal drepessed accelerating under load

600-700 EGT

8-12 PSI boost pressure

3000 RPM wide OPEN THROTTLE accelerating under load

800-900 EGT

14 PSI boost pressure

What is going on based on these readings ??

I removed the cooler to intake boots and cleaned and reclamped them do not appear to be leaking I still want to do the foil delete on the turbo to cooler tube and clean/check/retighten that one as well as install the napa air filter repalce the stock airbox.

I would appreciatte any help you guys can give me I miss my old truck plus I'm thinking about a tuner of some type ....not until i get her back to square one though.

Not trying to be a Prick....but...
If the turbo is laggy on takeoff and the truck doesn't have the pep it used doesn't everything point in the direction of leaking up pipes/gaskets the truck has 65,000 on it fresh oil and filter change ....

What is the top boost given from a powerstroke of my make and year giving when eveything is running 100% good.

Is someone saying they had 27 lbs of max boost on a stock setup total BS or what ?

If the gaskets are leaking should it stand out like a sore thumb ?

I have a small mirror and a flexible borescope ....I was just uner the truck putting in the EGT sensor last night didn't really focus on the bottoms where the gaskets are on the up pipes I will look tonight for any soot or holes ect

This problem developed gradually and now it's affecting my takeoffs from a stop ie getting out into traffic or overtaking people on the highway ...i used to blow peoples doors off also fuel mileage is rally crappy under 15 mpg I knew people getting 19 or 20 on stock trucks ....

I don't want to alter anything until it runs like it should stock!

UPDATE 4-16-2010

Remove stock air filter and drove it into work this AM 10 miles tops yeah I know not the best .....anyway here is latest I am definitely doing the MOD with the napa air filter where do you put the sensor? in the short piece of pipe u have made between filter and rubber boot?

The truck had more power and pick due to no restriction BUT the BOOST NEVER GOT ABOVE 14 PSI EVER....

EGT GOT UP TO 900 when I was hammering on it ....

I drove my buddys 2000 F-350 last night and it was way quiter than mine ...and had more pickup which really leads me to believe I have leaking doughnuts on the up-pipes ......has anyone had success replacing these without spending 400.00 plus on the IH flex pipes ??? I see beans makes a set of brass gaskets for 85.00 someone said chevy 350 gaskets from napa will work and they are like 10 bucks for a set ....

I cannot see any soot anyplace but it sounds loud from a cold startup alot of noise from the front end even with muffler deleted I wish I knew a decent diesel mechanic in cincinnati or exhuast shops ...alot of flim flams around here it's sad ...the stealers / dealers will soak you too...

Need help just a noob who wants his baby purring again 6 payments left on truck lol..
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Found problem leaking up pipes


OK up pipes were leaking ..... NO exhaust pressure on turbo means no low boost on low end and low on high end max boost was 14 psi wide open and really low uder 2500 rpm... it doesn't take much of a leak to kill your power on this truck and your mileage.

OK it took 8 hours to try and get these babys out after doing it by the book PB blaster 1 day ahead and during removal only to have the last bolt break inside the collector housing/babys butt and ruin the casting.


1. GET A OXY-ACYT torch carefully cut the bolts off the manifolds underneath easy as pie then use an impact to remove the bolts in the collector/babys butt if they break off all the better.

2.remove clamp on babys butt that joins it to back of turbo.

3.Take all of this and throw it in the trash immeadiately.....

4.Call BRIAN at Black Widow Diesel shipped new bellowed international harvester kit all fittings and bolts no gaskets to leak ever never have to do this job again...... 460.00 all in yes it's expensive but he is a mechanic who runs his shop/parts buissness and knows his stuff call him up he spent 45 mins on phone with me explaining stuff and answering all my questions.. I called 3 other places and nobody felt like answering the phone let alone answering questions one place did answer but wanted 100.00 more for bellowed kit plus knew jack s about my truck ect. just parts peddlers .....ill pass

I called ford first to get a price on all the parts 150.00 for new babys butt ...50 for each up pipe without flanges without bolts without gaskets add another 50.00 for that so were at 300.00 plus tax for the same crap that leaked before and will leak again ask anyone do a google search on up pipe leaks and everyone says throw them away and use bellowed IH kit

BY THE WAY I called IH dealer in Dayton OHIO and they wanted 1200.00 for this kit I luaghed in her face .....

THis job sucks to much to ever do again don't go cheap charge it if you have to .......listen to people on these sites they know stuff.....
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