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2005 F250 Failures

I apologize up front for this long post, but I need help deciding what to do with my 2005 F250 that I use to pull a 12K pound 5th wheel RV. I've had two recent breakdowns while traveling and after about $6000 in repairs done by Ford dealers I'm trying to decide whether to live with this truck or get rid of it. It all began May 25th (yes, a holiday weekend) when I experienced what turned out to be an EGR failure, which started dumping oil into the coolant system. Ford dealer replaced the EGR (valve or cooler?), which caused the leak. They recommended I also let them rebuild the oil cooler while they had it torn down. Since I was at about 104K miles, I told them to go ahead and flush the differential and transmission that they said is recommended at 120K. Before it was all over, I had to spring for a new radiator, because they couldn't get one side unstopped from all the sludge. Of course this also required new radiator hoses and a new coolant reservoir. They flushed the coolant system and the engine oil multiple times. Service mgr told me he's done many of these same repairs and he's not had any of them come back with the same problem and many of those customers are running 300-400K miles on their trucks. Bottom line is those repairs totaled about $4500. Truck performed well for about 1500 miles (including approx. 150 mile trip home towing the RV). I left on another RV trip on July 18th. About 500 miles from home, the truck suddenly experienced loss of power. I limped about 30-40 miles to the RV park we were planning to spend the first night. Immediately upon slowing down to turn into the RV park the engined died and would not restart. Long story short, after towing to the nearest Ford dealer and waiting a few days for them to even get to it, it turns out the failure this time was the STC fitting on the HPOP-another $1300 repair. I began to think back to the previous EGR failure and remembered that just a few days prior I had experienced a no-start, then waited about 10 minutes and the truck started ok. Even after the EGR repair, I regularly experienced difficult startup--usually had to crank it about 3 times, turn off the key and re-crank to start. The second dealer service mgr said that is a clear symptom of problems with the HPOP pressure, so he believed I must have been having this problem since before the EGR failure. I asked him if the two failures could be interrelated and if he felt the dealer who did the EGR repair should have detected (at least via their analysis, if not visually) that the HPOP fitting was leaking. Of course, he said it wasn't likely that they would have found it. Anyway, here are my questions for you experts:
1. Now that I've done the EGR, oil cooler and STC fitting, are there any additional known "snakes in the grass" that could cause more catastrophic failures with this engine?
2. If not, would it appear I'm over the hump on these major repairs with the 6.0 engine so that I may have some confidence it traveling with this truck, or should I just get rid of it and get a newer F250 with the 6.7 engine or maybe switch of a Chevy/GMC Duramax (maybe no older than 2012 or 2013)?
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Well, first off, stop taking it to the dealers...

The first one took you for a ride because an EGR failure will not put oil in the coolant...

A failed oil cooler will.

The EGR is Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler which takes hot exhaust gas and cools it down with engine coolant (which creates its own issues.)

The EGR Valve is the valve that controls the flow of the cooled exhaust gas into the intake.

Neither of them have any oil management, only coolant and exhaust gases.

The STC will cause hot, no start condition and also long starts know as hard starts.

I suggest you do a little bit of reading on this site to learn what the problems of the 6.0 are.

Good Luck.
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Time to move on.


Originally Posted by 6.0Stroker View Post
It's Toren. .. don't question it ..
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Thanks for the explanations. I may have gotten the two (EGR & oil cooler) issues reversed. I just remember having both issues fixed upon recommendation of the service manager to avoid having to tear into the engine again later. I have looked through the 6.0 forum at all the horror stories. That's why I'm asking people for opinions as to whether there are any other major repairs besides the EGR, oil cooler & HPOP fitting (the items I've now had fixed) that may be looming out there for me so I can make a more informed decision on whether to bite the bullet and get rid of this truck or assume that after the aforementioned almost $6000 in repairs, the worst is behind me and keep driving it another 200K miles. By the way, I realize dealers cost more for repairs, but when you are on the road hundreds of miles from home, I feel you are kind of stuck with going to a Ford dealer rather than trying to find a good diesel mechanic on the fly. At least at a Ford dealer you get a parts and labor warranty for the work done.
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Honestly I feel like education is the key to success on the 6.0L diesel. What I mean is do some reading, watch some videos and learn about the intricacies of the engine, then get a good data monitor to watch the engine vitals. A data monitor will give you good accurate information on whats going on under the hood. This can help you prevent future problems or help to inform you on what problem my exist.

OK that all being said, the issue with the STC fitting makes me MAD. The reason I say this is, when they tore the truck apart to do the oil cooler and egr cooler, they should have replaced the SCT fitting at the same time. The labor is basically the same and it would have cost you much less that $1300 to replace the fitting at the same time the other work was done.

This is the major rub with the dealer service writers. They DO NOT have the education necessary to properly recommend the repairs or know what all should be done at the same time. The worst part is that "most", not all techs will either not know or will not recommend the other items necessary for a proper repair, cause then they get paid again to do the same job down the road. This all equates to 6.0L owners being irritated with the 6.0L, when the service writer/tech combo is the real problem.

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The worst is behind you as far as the cooling system goes. If you keep the truck, get rid of the Ford gold coolant. It is bad JUJU. Silicate is what clogged your oil cooler to begin with. Along with the sand from the casting process when your engine was born. Get a coolant filtration system. It catches all of the rest of the junk in the cooling system thats still floating around. And yes, its still floating around. You can pick up a good filtration kit for about $120 to $140. Just look at everyone's signature on their posts and you'll see the different brands. As far as coolant choices, pick one that is an Extended Life Coolant and EC-1 rated. Its also best to look at the front labels of those bottles and they'll tell you that they are rated for Cat, Cummins, International, etc.. etc.. Find a good tuner that will tune your engine and transmission and that also monitors different things from your OBD port. A lot of us monitor engine oil temps and engine coolant temps. Making sure they do not get out of about 15* to 20* with regular driving and about 30* to 35* pulling a load up hill hard. Long wind. Sorry. The majority of us have been down this road before. And we all want to help out. The 6 liter is a great work horse. It's what Ford did that magnificent powerplant that sucks. Good Luck

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2005 F250

Thanks a lot for the good explanation. When I was a young man, I had to be a mechanic and work on my cars because I couldn't afford to have the work done. Then cars got really complicated and now the diesel is a whole other issue. I'm 66 years old and don't even change my own oil anymore. Therefore, I'm not likely to get into doing any analysis on my truck. I have found a local diesel mechanic recommended by a friend. Supposedly, this guy does a lot of fleet work, so hopefully, he will have a good feel for the reliability of the various engines (Powerstroke 6.0, 6.4, 6.7 and the Duramax by GM). Maybe that will help me decide what to do. Then if he sounds like he "really" knows his stuff, maybe I will have found a good mechanic to keep my truck running right. I certainly don't abuse this truck--obvious, since I've only driven it an average of a little over 11K per year, do regular oil, fuel filters and air filter. I tow my approx 12k # (loaded) 5th wheel trailer about 5-6 trips a year, mostly shorter weekend trips, then usually one long trip (2-3K miles). However, I did make a 5500 mile round trip to Canada (Banff/Lake Louise) from Texas last summer. Guess I was lucky not to have any of these breakdowns on that long trip!
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