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Snow Performance Stage III Water/Methanol Installation
By - Rodslinger - | Published  02/16/2007 | Performance Mods | Rating:

This is a basic install/write up on the Snow Performance Water/Meth Stage III kit.
Here are the parts out of the box. Everything came in with no missing parts except the instructions were for a different year model than my '05. A quick call to Snow Performance and within minutes they'd e-mailed me the correct instructions in .pdf format.

The first thing I did was begun surveying where I would mount the pump and the jug. Anyone who has ever been under the hood of one of these beasts knows all too well how tight it is and the limited area you have for installing add-ons of any size.
Where to put the jug really became a problem but I realized I could fab a bracket and mount it just off of the passenger side of the radiator.

The instructions had a picture of the pump mounted on the inside of the passenger fender well and that was the best place I could see to mount it so I went with it. They recommend the pump be at least the same height if not lower than the jug. I drilled a pilot hole, stepped up to proper size bit and used the provided screws to mount it flush.

Gravy right? Exactly! :)

Now the fun stuff. Loosen the bolt that holds the plastic CAC tube to the aluminum elbow. Pull the four bolts that hold the aluminum elbow on, lift her off and disconnect from the plastic tube. I then placed shop towels in both the intake and CAC tube to keep the crud out while I work and keep from anything being dropped into the hole.

Nozzle time!
When I initially installed mine I only installed one nozzle. After noticing no improvement I called Snow Performance and they told me with my horsepower I’d have to have two nozzles. On my initial install I drilled and tapped the hole into the aluminum tube – Snow recommends it at 90 degree’s to the direction of the airflow. The nozzles spray a 180 degree cone pattern. Again, I started small with my drill bits and stepped up, then used the provided 1/8-27 NPT tap to thread it. Take your time and keep the tap straight, it’s an easy thread.

Now it’s time to decide what nozzles to run. Snow Performance recommended I run one 625ml/min and one 375ml/min initially. I may replace the 375 with another 625 but for now I’m happy with the nozzles I’m running.

The install was really extremely easy – the only problem I ran into was when it came time to install the nozzle into the elbow. The instructions weren’t very clear and if you look at the picture below you can see where we became confused. Logic told us that the pipe thread on the outside of the “L” would mean it would screw into something….and I’m sure it does but that wasn’t the case with our application. Looking inside that fitting you see that it’s threaded on the inside as well. That is where the nozzles screws into.


Screw the nozzle(s) into the “L” fitting.

Run your red nylon hose and cut it to the lengths you need. You will have a line coming in from the tank into your pump, out of the pump and into the nozzle – or a “T” if you’re running two nozzles and then dual lines out of the “T” and into the nozzles. All of the lines slide in to the pump, “T” fitting and “L” fitting via quick connects.

Test the pump by having someone hold the nozzle while you put power to it.

Now assuming all went well with the pump test and nozzles spray, screw the nozzles into the aluminum tube you tapped earlier. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Here is a picture of what mine looked like once complete.

Mounting the controller is straight forward. Here is the diagram from the instructions.

The hardest thing here was trying to figure out where I wanted to mount it. I chose to put it under my A-Pillar gauges since I’ll be glancing that way anyway if I’m standing in it.

If you buy the kit, you’ll see the instructions really aren’t that bad. At the time I wish a couple of things in them would have a bit more clearly defined but all in all they were well written. The instructions also include tips on tuning the system as well as troubleshooting and water/meth percentages and they’re estimated hp increases.

Here are the horsepower claims from Snow Performance:

I run a brand of windshield wiper fluid that they recommended called Super Tech. Here are some approximate freeze range/meth content's:

+20 - 7% methanol

0 - 23% methanol

-10 - 28% methanol

-20 - 35% methanol

-25 - 38% methanol

-50 - 62% methanol

I also have a few bottles of something called HEET that they recommended - it comes in a little yellow bottle. You can add that to the washer fluid if you want to increase the methanol content. Both Super Tech and HEET can be purchased at Wal-Mart. Snow Performance also sells their product called Boost Juice. I'll be ordering some soon to try out when we go to the track.

I love the kit - noticeable hp increase and EGT drops but keep in mind - If you're going to run more than a 50% methanol content you're taking chances. 50/50 is supposed to be perfect. I run a little less methanol and when I'm towing or taking long trips I just run water.

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by brian)
    nice write up, great pics.

  • Comment #2 (Posted by boomerdog)
    very helpful info, I can't decide on propane or the water /methanol, I don't pull anything heavy so I'm leaning towards propane any thoughts, Thanks Bd.
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